⇛ A recent report reveals that there has been an intriguing disclosure. According to Bloomberg reports, China is undercover in about 30 American tech companies. China is using these companies' spying with rice micro-micro size, which is on the servers of these companies. The Chip allegedly opened the door of US sensitive information to the Chinese government.

⇛ China Microcomputer is installed on the servers of companies like Peace, Amazing and Apple. However, companies have rejected this report. Both the companies have given their statement after the report and the report has also rejected the claim. The company has kept silence in this regard, but this is considered as a devious. After this report came in the world of cyber security spread abroad. Cyber ​​experts are discussing both sides of the report. The American MPs are also talking about this and some members are demanding a probe on this issue.

⇛ According to the report, the next Top Secret investigation over three years has been revealed that this chip embedded on the server opens a thief road to another network. Investigators believe that many people are convinced that the factory in which Chip is being installed is run by China's manufacturing subcrintrects.

⇛ The report said that in 2015 a stock box of different servers was sent for third party security check. Where a small microchip was inserted in the motherboard during the investigation, which was not part of the board's design. The information was then given to the UAP Authority.