Seeing the popularity of bitcoin like cryptocarcinous, Facebook is also going to bring its own digital currencies. Facebook is bringing its digital currency keeping WhatsApp users in mind..

According to Bloomberg's report, Facebook has prepared it, taking note of the large-scale payments in India. Facebook has completed every kind of preparation for this. It is hoped that Facebook and WhatsApp users can get many new currency gifts on the new year.

According to the report, Facebook's digital currency name will be 'Stablequine'. Facebook will be connected to the digital currency dollar. According to the report, Facebook's currency is more stable than other digital currencies such as BitQuinn..

It is noteworthy that in the beginning of this year, Facebook was confused with the ban on cryptanisi advertising..

It will be easy to take care of

It has been said in the report that users will be able to make a donation from WhatsApp even based on Facebook's new currency. If Facebook has the right to own WhatsApp, then these currencies can be used by users connected with WhatsApp. Let's tell you that WhatsApp has more than 20 million users in Asia..