Major broadcasters such as Entertainment, Sony Pictures Networks and Star India have announced the rates of their channels under the new outline of Trai's broadcast and cable services. In fact, Trai compelled the Broadcasters to declare their separate channels and book prices under the new framework for Broadcast and Cable Service. It will be applicable from December 29, 2018. Under the new framework, customers will have to pay for the same channels they want to see..
The TV location is still home to entertainment for home-grown members

Considering the interest of the customers, this special feature has been given. With this, TV Broadcasters have made it compulsory for them to disclose their different channels and the maximum retail price of the book (MRP) in public. Multi-system operators have also been supported by TRAI's new configuration. It is worth mentioning that during the times of today's smartphones, people can see their favorite TV shows on their mobile when and when they want to. However, the location of the TV is still being maintained in the public's house for entertainment of household members. But in today's runaway life and mobile phones, unlimited data packs have caused a lot of people to watch the TV routine.

Customers will have a monthly charge of at least 130 rupees

People have less time left behind the TV compared to earlier times. Even after the recharge of the TV, they have to spend about 300 to 400 rupees per month. Most channels do not even look at this. According to the new rule of TRI, now the enjoyment of TV will be to pay only the charges for the subscriber to watch the channel with a monthly fee of at least 130 rupees. For whom broadcasters like Zee, Sony and Star have announced new monthly rates under TRAI's new system..