SmartPhone is used by all people, but sometimes it happens that we forget the phone's password and then have to be harassed. Now you do not have to panic. Because today we are going to tell you for the tips that you can unlock your phone in a minute..

Usually, if the smartphone's password is not remembered, then we need to enter any password that might open it. An alternative is found to have Lost Pattern or Forgot Password. Click on and sign in by entering your Google Account username and password. Then unlock the phone by entering a new password into it.

Also download the Android Data Recovery software in your laptop or computer and click on Unlock in the Men Window. Then use the phone USB cable to connect a laptop or a computer. During that time you will see some steps, which can follow and unlock your smartphone in minutes.

You can also unlock this step by following this step. However, the entire data of the phone will be deleted during this time. If you do not want to keep the data, this step can also nick your phone in minutes. For this, first off the phone, after that, keep the volume down button and power button together for a few seconds, then enter in recovery mode. Then select Yes, delete all user dar and then reboot the phone. Then the phone will be unlocked..