Facebook's Messaging Service Messenger also offers the ability to delete messages sent to WhatsApp and Instagram. This feature was announced by the company in November, but recently the company has rolled out Andorid and iOS users worldwide. Facebook has named this feature Remove for Everyone. After this feature is available, you will be able to delete or unsubscribe within 10 minutes of sending the message sent to someone on Messenger..

Message, photo-video will also be deleted:

- This feature allows users to delete messages, photos and videos sent to Messenger within 10 minutes. This feature will also work in group chat, so that you can delete it if you have made a message in the group by mistake. After 10 minutes the user can not use Remove for Everyone. However, you can use the option for Remove for You. The message will only be deleted from the user's chat..

Deleted message can also be reported:

- If any other user has deleted a message from a group or chat, you can confirm the report. Click on the name of the user to report. Then touch on Something Wrong. Then report by selecting the appropriate category to report..

Use of Feature:

- To use this feature, first touch the message sent, then there will be two options. The first option will be Remove for Everyone, in which the sent message and message receiver will be removed from the inbox. The second option will be Remove for You, after touching the message, the message will remove the sander from the inbox, but the receiver's inbox will show the message. After touching Remove for Everyone, a warning message will appear, confirm or cancel it. After the message is removed, the message will be displayed in the Inbox like the Whitespace..