- Rupani launches 851 crore species   - Power surplus will also be Gujarat water surplus      Rs. Inaugurates Hand Pick Up Peak Waste Machine, Sweep Machine, at a cost of Rs. 50 lakhs.   (Representative) Ahmedabad, Tal.

 September 19, 2019, Thursday   Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today announced that no problem of drinking water or irrigation water will be avoided as Gujarat has received rain this year due to Narmada's wind. At the same time, Narmada's Nirma was greeted by praising Narmada's Nir at Dharpur.   On the other hand, he also launched and demolished various works related to the people done by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs. He has built the NHL with modern facilities at a cost of Rs. College affiliated girls hostel was inaugurated.   He inaugurated the Pickup West Peak Machine, a sweep machine purchased at a cost of Rs. 5 lakh. Rs. He also flagged off three spot to dump cars set up at a cost of Rs.   Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana for the weaker sections of the society, three housing schemes were constructed at a cost of Rs. The Chief Minister also gave people the keys to the new house today. In the same way he spent Rs. He also demolished the housing being constructed at a cost of Rs. He said that the government was determined to use the taxation money for the benefit of the people.   Gujarat, which has become a surplus state in the field of power, has announced that it will become a surplus state in the water sector in the coming years. At the same time, he said that water should not be wasted. The government has deepened the lakes for water storage. This year, a large amount of water can be stored as the rainfall improves.