Whether the romance between the couple is intact or not can be known through the partner's way of sleeping. Yes, the way to sleep with a partner at night makes the whole state of love in your state. According to a research, gold position plays a very important role in keeping love between couples. Know, how is your love life according to your way of sleeping with a partner.

 • 1. If the partner sleeps with his head on his shoulder, it means that he cares for you a lot. Most partners prefer to sleep in this way. In this way, the person sleeping gives a lot of love and trust to his partner.

 • 2. He sleeps with your back, then he feels comfortable with you. If after many years of marriage, this is the position of the partner's gold, then understand that he loves you very much and your relationship is also romantic.

 • 3. If the partner sleeps with you, it may be that there are distances in your relationship. In fact, couples often fall into this position after many years of marriage. If the partner sleeps with you despite turning your face in the opposite direction, then understand that the partner believes in giving you personal space. 

• 4. Even after 10-15 years of marriage, it is not necessary for the partner to sleep soundly. If your partner and your face are in front of each other while sleeping, then understand that there is still love between you. Apart from this, the relationship with sleeping remains strong. 

• 5. If you sleep on different sides of both beds then it means that both want space in their relationship. If your partner also sleeps like this, then the distance between you may be increasing.